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Millau Bungee jumping: get your adrenaline pumping!
Bungee jumping Roc et Canyon in Alzon in the Gard department is a 50-metre-high jump into the void. Just the thing for a good dose of adrenalin! Created more than 30 years ago, this is still a unique and exciting activity that never ceases to attract the most adventurous visitors! So what are you waiting for ?




Millau bungee swing

Take the plunge

Bungee jumping in Millau: how about bungee jumping from a beautiful old railway bridge?

In a natural setting in the Cévennes, on the border between the Gard and Aveyron departments, Alzon is home to Europe’s first permanent bungee jumping site.

Conditions for taking part: :
– 14 years and older
– From 40 to 150 kg
– Parental permission required for minors
– Medical certificate required for over-55s.

Millau bungee swing

Bungee jumping in Millau is not just for the adventurous. It’s a great thrill that you can share with your friends and family. The Roc et Canyon team offers you the chance to go bungee jumping on your own (solo jump), or with a friend (tandem jump) for an intense moment of excitement that you can share with others.

Located between Millau and Montpellier, come and spend an afternoon at the buzzing Viaduc d’Alzon. An atmosphere full of thrills, excitement and emotion


Our dates for 2024

Saturday 23 March

Sunday 21 April

Saturday 4 and Sunday 26 May

Saturday 8 and Sunday 23 June

Saturday 6 July

Sunday 14, 21 and 28 July

Sunday 4, 11, 18 and 25 August

Saturday 8 and Sunday 28 September

Our Millau bungee jumping packages

Solo jump

Tandem Jump

Millau bungee jumping

Metting point : Viaduc d’Alzon (30770).
Required equipment: comfortable clothing, trainers.
Parental authorisation required for minors.
Medical certificate required for over-55s.

Classic jump : 50 €

Gift package: 75 €
Includes 1 jump + 1 video (2 go pros so 2 different shots+ 1 USB key provided) + 1 souvenir gift

Millau bungee jumping

Metting point : Viaduc d’Alzon (30770).
Required equipment: comfortable clothing, trainers.
Parental authorisation required for minors.
Medical certificate required for over-55s.
The maximum cumulative weight must not exceed 150 kg.

Tandem jump for 2 people  : 100 €

Gift package : 130€
Includes 1 jump for 2 people + 1 video (2 go pros so 2 different shots + 1 USB key provided) + 1 souvenir gift

Millau bungee jumping
Roc et canyon

What equipment do I need for bungee jumping ?

You should bring: comfortable clothing, closed-toe shoes (such as trainers). You should remove all jewellery and other items from your pockets to avoid losing them.

How high is the bridge?

The bridge is 50 metres high.

Where is the jump site ?

The bridge is located in Alzon (30770) in the GARD.
GPS point :

Minimum age - minimum/ maximum weight

– Minimum age is 14 years, provided the child weighs more than 40kg.
– Minimum weight is 40kg
– Maximum weight is 150g

Are there any specific contraindications to bungee jumping ?

Yes: Diabetes, taking drugs, alcohol or any substance that alters the jumper’s behaviour. Contraindications to bungee jumping (pregnancy, epilepsy, heart and joint disease, Menière’s vertigo, etc.). Safety instructions to be observed by the jumper during the jump or on the site itself.


Millau bungee jumping
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Sauter à l'Élastique Millau

A lot of thrills

MILLAU bungee

There are 2 options for bungee jumping in Millau: solo or tandem.

Bungee jumping is also a mobile activity, as it can be done from a crane, for jumps of 50 to 90 metres.

Ideal for corporate events, family gatherings and village fairs.

For more information and to request a quote, please contact us using the contact form.

Acces to the Viaduc d’Alzon (30770).

From Montpellier and Béziers: via the A75, exit 48 towards Alzon.

From Nîmes: Via the D999 towards Alzon.

From Clermont Ferrand / Millau: Via the A75, exit 48 direction Alzon

Millau bungee jumping: find out more

Millau bungee jumping from 30 years

Roc et Canyon has over 30 years’ experience of bungee jumping in Millau. Our team offer jumps from the Viaduc d’Alzon from March to October.

During your bungee-jumping experience, you will be accompanied by our team from beginning to end. To bungee jump, you will be equipped with a harness and “socks” that are worn tightly around your ankles. Once equipped, you’ll need to take a few steps to climb the parapet that will bring you to the edge of the bridge, where you’ll admire the stunning view before embarking on an exhilarating free-fall.

A word of advice: when you step onto the edge, don’t look down, always look ahead.

Le Saut d’Alzon is the closest jump to Nîmes and Montpellier. Montpellier: 1h15 & Nîmes: 2h.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do and our equipment complies with AFNOR standards.


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