MILLAU Team Building and events


Millau Team Building and events.
Are you looking to organise a workshop? Would you like to liven up your event with sports and fun activities? Contact Roc et Canyon and together we’ll find the right solution for you.




MILLAU team building and events

Sport for social cohesion

Roc et Canyon has been working with companies and event organisers for over 25 years, offering ready-made team-building workshops or mobile activities for all types of clients.

Our strenghts  :
– 25 year’s experience in organising workshops
– Mobiles activities dor all your events


Take advantage of our experience and knowledge of the area to organise a professional, fun and unique workshop around Millau. Our region has many assets that allow us to create a tailor-made solution based on your requirements. Our aim is to help you to bring your team together to work on different themes in a collegial atmosphere.

We also offer a wide range of sports and leisure activities for all the family, which can be moved and set up for all your events.

Our services for companies and events

MILLAU team building

For your workshops and employee incentives, Roc et Canyon is the specialist in outdoor activities for team building in Millau. With us, anything is possible. Tell us what you would like, and we’ll adapt to provide you with a quality service.

Whether it’s doing an athletic challenge or discovering a new activity, the aim is to create cohesion, motivation and conviviality in your team, all in a professional atmosphere. This break can be an opportunity for you to finish the year strong, start a new one, integrate new colleagues into your team and open up new perspectives. There are so many reasons to organise a workshop with us.

The activities on offer will be structured around a particular objective or theme. Our teams have no shortage of ideas for creating something new. Our aim is to ensure that your workshop meets your expectations and those of your colleagues. The profile of the group is our starting point. It’s important for us to get to know you so that we can be as accurate as possible.

The organisation of your workshop is not just based on activities. We can also organise the logistics around the activities we propose (transport, prize-giving, etc.) and integrate experiential elements such as local product tastings.

Our strength is our territory! Millau and the Grands Causses offer endless possibilities for discovery. We are passionate about the environment that surrounds us. What drives us is to help you discover everything it has to offer.

Our main aim is to find the package that’s right for you.


Are you looking for sports and fun activities for your event?
Our team has put together a wide range of mobile activities. It’s an opportunity to come to you and offer a quality service.
We’ll be delighted to come to your family or corporate events, village fairs or trade fairs.

Here are just a few of our mobile activities :

A thrilling experience for children and adults aged 3 and over.
Nestled on a platform, the operator elevates the platform to the desired height. Then it’s up to you to jump onto the giant air bag. The landing is completely safe.

big air bag

From 50 to 90 metres high, take the plunge. Thanks to this mobile bungee jump, we can go anywhere in France to help you discover this exciting activity.
A fun and thrilling activity for all ages.
After scouting out the location, the zip line can be set up over a river, a stadium or some other existing feature. The installation is technical, which is why a qualified team is needed to set up and supervise this activity.


An apparatus with a steel structure that can be climbed like a boulder. Often presented as a challenge, the host sets the rules and the possibilities are endless. This cube can be used for any type of event (company workshop, trade fair, family reunion, opening ceremony, etc.).

suspension cube

Easy to set up indoors or outdoors. The aim is to move from one end of the slackline to the other without falling. To succeed at this challenge, you’ll need balance and concentration.


In teams of 3 or 4, you’ll need to work together, listen and coordinate. Set up on two giant boards, work your way to the finish line as quickly as possible. The falls, which are often numerous, are hilarious, not only for the participants but also for the spectators who will be cheering you on.
A 1.22 metre diameter inflatable ball from Quebec that you can use to take on a team challenge of skills and agility. It’s great fun for children, but you’ll see that older ones will also be up for the challenge.

kin ball

This water-based entertainment is guaranteed fun.
Easy to install on any surface (lawn, ground, car park), the slip ‘n slide is ideal for livening up your events. This inflatable waterslide can measure from 10 to 20 metres.


These events are made-to-measure. They are based on your preferences and their feasibility. For prices, please contact us so that our team can put together a package for you.

Roc et canyon

Do you organise the accommodation ?

We are mainly specialists in outdoor sports activities, but thanks to our network of partners, we can offer you an all-inclusive package or simply put you in touch with our partners (accommodation, activities, transport, evening entertainment, etc.).

Is there a group size limit ?

There is no group size limit. We will adapt the programme and activities according to the number of participants. Please contact us directly to discuss all these points.

Is transport included in the activities ?

Transport is an additional option. Depending on availability, we can provide transport from your accommodation to the activity venue(s). Please specify this when making your request.

Are there catering options ?

Thanks to our partners, we can offer you different types of catering. Table service, picnics, tastings with a magnificent view, all using 100% local produce.

How long are the workshops ?

We can offer half-day, full-day or multi-day workshops. This depends on the availability of our team. To find out about availability, please contact us.

Does Roc et Canyon have any quality labels ?

We are proud to have the Atout France, Qualité Tourisme Occitanie labels.

How much does a workshop for around 100 people cost ?

For your workshops, we always offer tailor-made services and therefore tailor-made prices. We take into account your budget, your wishes, your constraints and the profile of the group. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What equipment do I need for the activities ?

All the specific required equipment for the activity will be provided. All you need to bring is suitable sportswear for the activities on offer. The equipment you need to bring will be specified when you book.
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